What We Are

  • The Camden Policy Project is a collaborative effort to make information on Camden's policy more accessible to students, community members and policy-makers. It is maintained and run by the class, Camden, Philadelphia and the Region at Rutgers-Camden University.

Our Mission

  • The goal of this project is two-fold. For students, it is an opportunity to share work on Camden, to have it be publicly scrutinized, and to, in some small way, contribute to policy efforts in Camden. For community members, the hope is that this space can serve as a place to gather resources (media, academic and others) so that information is easy to find, remember, and use.

How It Works

  • As with most Wikis, this page is crowd-sourced. Anyone can view it and edit the page. Please participate, and please be respectful. That said, students from Camden, Philadelphia and the Region at Rutgers-Camden University will be updating the site as part of their classwork to add resources and information. The site keeps records of all changes, so it is possible to see all edits to pages.

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